Clarence Reed

Secretary, Bass Section Leader, Assistant Director, Barbershopper of the Year (2012)

Prior to his visit to a guest night at the Fort Worth Chapter in 2003, Clarence had no idea what to expect. But as soon as he heard the chorus sing and had an opportunity to stand on the risers and learn a song along with the chorus, he knew barbershop harmony was going to be a part of his life from then forward. Three weeks after that first encounter, he joined SPEBSQSA and the Fort Worth Chapter, taking his place on the risers singing bass. He had his first taste of quarteting with the Flip Flop Four, winning a Division Novice Championship in 2005. He has also sung with Perfect Fifth, Vocal Edge (2011 Division Novice Champions), Jubilee (mixed quartet), and currently sings bass with Mix Q (you guessed it, a mixed quartet). He's also a charter member of the Lone Star Harmony Brigade.

After five years of faithfully owning his spot on the risers, in 2008 he was elected to the Board of Directors as Secretary. Subsequent board positions have included President (2011-2012), Program VP (2013), and Membership/Chapter Development VP (2017).

Since 2018, he has served as the Chapter Secretary, Assistant Director and Bass Section Leader.

Clarence worked 20 years with the City of Fort Worth fighting environmental grime. Since his retirement in 2016, he spends his days doing whatever the heck he wants, which, of course, includes a healthy dose of barbershopping.

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