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Sing with Southwest Sound

We invite all men of good spirit and some musical experience to join us in song during the Christmas season. We’ll have a couple of songs specifically designated for community members to sing along with us. Of course, if you’re more ambitious, you’re welcome to learn more. We’ll provide sheet music and learning tracks (recordings with your part louder than the others to help you learn your part).  There’s no obligation to become a member of the chorus or the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Rehearsals are Monday nights at 6:30 PM. at St. Christopher Episcopal Church, 3550 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth. You'll find the full address and a Google maps link at the bottom of every page.

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From Harmonizers Past

In 1962, The Fort Worth Chapter, then known as the Cowtown Chorus, appeared on the cover of the March-April issue of The Harmonizer displaying the multi-colored uniforms worn on the opening night of Casa Manana’s “Music Man” performance the previous summer. I was perusing this issue recently when an article titled “The Way I See It” caught my eye. Among other things, this piece extols the value of Barbershop Harmony as local entertainment. This may not be news, but to this day we still have the same or similar discussions/debates.

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